Journal #12

Write a list of fifteen or more actions you have taken in the past two days.

  • Worked out
  • Slept
  • Went to school
  • Showered
  • Stayed after school
  • Texted
  • Went on a date
  • Went to see a movie
  • Hung out with Girlfriend
  • Saw Friends
  • Played with dog
  • Read a book
  • Did homework
  • Made school presentations
  • Talked on the phone


Draw a four-quadrant chart like the example on page 132. Write each action from your list in the appropriate quadrant on the list.

Quadrant 1Slept

Went to school

Stayed after school

Did homework


Quadrant 2Worked out


Went on a date

Hung out with girlfriend

Saw friends

Talked on the phone


Quadrant 3Made school presentations Quadrant 4Texted

Went to see a movie

Played with dog

Read a book



Write about what you have learned or relearned concerning your use of time.

From this activity I learned that I spend the majority of my time on things that are important and on things that are both not important and not urgent. I spend most of my time in quadrant two doing things that are important but not urgent.  If I continue living this way I believe that I will reach my goals and dreams but possibly at a slower pace. I place priority on things that I want to do rather than placing priority on things that need to be done. At this pace I will eventually reach my goals but if I want them quickly I will have to change how I live. From now on I should probably be taking more action in quadrant one. Activities in quadrant one will affect my future the most. More effort in that quadrant wouldn’t hurt my life one bit.

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